Lakeside reflections, or, what are we doing here?

•February 2, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Recently I was in one of those group activities that asks everyone to identify their personal centering place, et cetera. For this odd reason we are gathered here, in particular: on the shore of the glassy pre-dawn lake in the great Northwoods of my formative years.

I don’t bring you to this place merely because at night it’s barely above freezing even in August, or because its natural beauty is inspiring at a soul level, or because after twilight, the Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way can be seen from here. I don’t even bring you here because focusing on the soft sound of the lake water just touching the shore could render moot any and all instructions on how to reach a meditative state.

I bring you here, Gentle Reader, to ground you in the source of this blog’s title because this is where all writing comes from, at least for me. While contemplating this serene mental place, in a large room among people I barely know, it popped into my head that I should try again to write a blog, to reconnect with people I do know, and to reconnect with my enjoyment of writing for its own sake.

Then I got to thinking about it, which led to overthinking, in which there is never just one question. I’ve got this site, and I’ve got… um… a follower. So what if I became hopelessly lost while trying to create a blog 5 years ago?  It has been a really long 5 years, just packed with character-building (if not soul-sucking) experiences, and won’t my adoring fan be amused by my effort? He might even advise me on how to get this blog interface to work.

Now that we know where we are, let’s explore what there is to say.  See you soon.